Friday, August 3, 2012

Ski + bike = skike --> Lots of fun!

I'm pretty sure my old maths teacher, Mr Perälä, would  be superbly proud of my equation. It's been tricky trying to explain my Aussie friends as to what I'm doing on Wednesday mornings. Here comes the explanation and a challenge to you to try them out!

I used to do rollerskating (that used to be way back when I was a teenager...), but hated that on a rainy day it was no good and you are pretty restricted to roads with good pavement and no rocks or sand. I've seen skikes in Finland too, and I've always thought that it would be great to try them. The ones I've spotted were in Seinäjoki on the same track I used to ski on during wintertime. It seemed so luring to think that you could do cross country skiing during summer too! I know I sound like a ski freak now, but I'll take that risk.;) 
Morning fog before skike session, + 5 degrees Celsius.

My skike buddies. :)
I've previously posted on my Falls Creek weekend where this skike experiment got started too. I met a lovely gentleman named Len, who invited me to try skikes the following Wednesday and I thought why not. I'm so anxious about surviving Kangaroo hoppet, I'll take any help (in the form of anything resembling skiing) I can get. Last week it was mostly easy skiking in different terrain and getting the feel of it; very nice weather and I think I even got a bit of tan (which is an accomplishment in itself during winter months in Australia). 

This week we did a whopping 2,5 hour ski tour starting from Westerfolds Park! I was following two pro-skiers on pavement and on gravel, and must say skiking is a good workout! My bum and inner thighs are quite sore today, but in a good way. ;) I also recommend the park area, which I'm pretty sure not too many tourist find their way there. It seems to be a little unfamiliar to Melbourneans too, because no one I've spoken to about it has been there. I promised to take them there though. ;) 

This is how it's done by Len.

Looking very sporty, eh?

Golden Wattles in da background.
And those who Melbourneans who are into outdoor sports, there's a possibility to try skiking free of charge on Wednesday mornings at the park. I sincerely recommend giving it a go - it's quite easy for anyone whose been on rollerskates, rollerskis or just regular skates or skis. If not, don't worry, it doesn't require previous experience - good balance is an advantage, but since you skike with poles, you get a little help from them also . Helmet helps, especially with encounters with wombats, which have been spotted (in close contact) in the park. Running shoes are good, but Len remembers someone who's skiked on UGG boots too! (Would not recommend; sweaty toes allert!)

Shared footway - next addition in the pic a skiker? :)

The best part of skiking is that you get to off track and into the bush and all those cracks in the pavement won't be an obstacle at all. Just skike through, you'll hardly notice them, because the wheels are big and bouncy. :) All in all, the freedom of it! 

After the skiking session, I was thirsty and hungry. Luckily there's a lovely cafe, Mia mia, in the park, which also has an aboriginal art gallery. I would list their scones as a must eat in Melbourne - the best scones I've ever had in my life! No doubt I'm going back to Westerfolds Park for some more skiking, running, cycling and  sconssing. ;)

Here be the best scones ever.
Hold on to those scones!

Eagle, the creator according to Wurundjeri people.

Made in Australia, but by a Finnish lady.

Hide and seek?


  1. Hi Leena,
    Thanks for your kind words. We have enjoyed having you skike with us and your blog entries. For anyone wanting to learn a little more about Cross country skiing and skiking here in Australia please see
    Regards, Len

  2. Hi Leena,
    well done in the Hoppet! :) Thanks for posting about this, it would be fun to try skiking and can contact Len for details!
    Best, Niina K.

    1. Hey Niina,
      Thanks, you too! ;)
      Hopefully see you at the park one Wednesday morning! Can't make it for the next two weeks, but hopefully after that then. :)

  3. If anyone reading this is interested in getting into the sport, i am looking to sell my skikes and accessories (poles, bag, spare tires and wheels etc.) I am in adelaide but can post aus wide... only used a couple of times and great fun but i just cant find the time latley to use them and i could use the cash hehe :-) email me (trent) at for details. Thanks

  4. I believe in recycling. :) Hope your skikes will find a good home!